Schedule of satsang in the Netherlands

date with location time
now Gangaji online podcast The Ultimate Universal Remedy for Suffering
every month Gangaji online Livestream
weekly Premodaya i-coda.org and i-codabrussels.org online & video satsangs
every Fridag Rosemarijn Roes Zoom EN 19.00-20.30
every Saturdag Rosemarijn Roes Zoom EN 10.30-12.00
every Sa - not in March Lodewijk Amsterdam 10.30 - 12.00
1rst saturday of the month Jim Newman Zoom 10.00 and 18.00 USA ESDT
Thursday May 30 Ganga Mira Amsterdam 20.30u
Friday  May 31 mei Ganga Mira Amsterdam 19:00
Saturdag  June 1 Ganga Mira Amsterdam 10:00 en 19.00
Sunday June 2 Ganga Mira Amsterdam 10.00