Welcome at Satsang.nl

Wisdom tells me I'm Nothing.
Love tells me I'm Everything.
Between the two my life flows.
Nisargadatta Maharaj

Satsang.nl begun in spring 2000.
Nature awakens, mankind too.
Satsang.nl aims to provide an overview of all Advaita satsang gatherings and
retreats in The Netherlands and Belgium.

It's a special time.
A huge awakening is happening.
More and more people are recognising who we really are:
Silence, Peace, Love, Wisdom, Joy.

More and more people are giving satsang, to be able to share who we are.

This is not connected to religion or concepts.
It is everyone's true nature.
The rest is just a veil that only needs to be lifted.
This is what often happens in satsangs.

The extraordinary then becomes ordinary:
knowing who you are and what your task is on earth.