Schedule of satsang in the Netherlands

Satsang meetings are cancelled due to the Corona virus
Check on the websites of the organizers of the satsangs

Only English language Satsangs are listed on this page.
A full list of Satsangs can be found on the Dutch page

date with [sort ] location [sort ] time /program
now Gangaji online podcast The Ultimate Universal Remedy for Suffering
every month Gangaji online Livestream
weekly Premodaya i-coda.org and i-codabrussels.org online & video satsangs
03 januari Unmani online open Webinar ‘How to relate to people with as much ease as to nature?’  11.00 - 12.00
03 - 08 januari John David Online Winter Retreat
16 -17 januari Jim Newman online Zoom
weekend long virtual retreat</str
22 - 24 januari 2021 Mooji online 3-daagse retreat
5 - 7 februari Unmani online open  retreat ‘Awaken Your Deepest Longing’ 3 Day Online Retreat