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12 Years Open Sky House Community

John DavidsCelebration Weekend 15-17July
Insight into an extraordinary, international experiment of spirituality lived in the daily life!
All free! Saturday and Sunday creative workshops, painting, drumming, theater. Concert, dance floor, sound journey, yoga, meditation, art exhibition, delicious food and much more. Overnight stay possible.

Fri 15.7. 20:00 Meeting with the spiritual teacher John David

Sat 16.7. 10.00-22.00
              20:00 Fiery Dance concert with the Open Sky House Ensemble and
                          Gipsy Violinist Mario Triska
Sun 17.7. 10.00-22.00
11:00 Guided Tour of the FlowFineArt Gallery

Open Sky House
Rheinstr. 54
51371 Hitdorf (tussen Keulen en Dusseldorf)
Info 02173-4099203 (Indira)

Open Sky House

Supper & Satsang with Mark Hans

Mark HansContinuing on with our tradition of Supper & Satsang, we go into 2012 with a new program of food, meditation & talks @ Java Island.
You are invited to bring your burning questions, your ideas & thought & of course a good appetite.
The theme this season is "Being-ness - Meing-ness - Being-ness"
Mixed group, relaxed & focussed. Your host & chef is Mark, assisted by the handsome & ever charming Bodhisattva 'Rister'.
Kitchen is mixed foods. Please call in advance so we know how many to cook for.
Program is in English with Dutch Subtitles.

Program Details.

Every WEDNESDAY. (see on-line agenda for final details).

19.30 Supper is served.
20.30 Meditation.
21.00 Topic of the evening.
22.00 Break.
22.15 Question Time.
22.45 Closing Meditation.
23.00 For sure, bedtime.

Suggested Donation €10.

For full details & more, www.perfectpitch.eu



Visit the website of Shunyam

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Saroja's Painting Studio

Colourful oil paintings from Mediterranean landscapes from
Saroja van der Stegen,
a Dutch artist living in Mallorca since many years.