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website: www.lifewithoutacentre.com

06 maart 2019live online course 7 days at 20.00info & sign up

I’d like to inform you that Jeff’s live online course will start
on Wednesday 6th March at 20:00 hours Amsterdam time, 11am Los Angeles time.

The title of this new 7-week course is:
Ending the Inner War - The Joy of True Meditation and the Healing Power of Self-Compassion

The sessions will also be recorded for you to access any time, if you can't join live. The course includes 7 live interactive video sessions, a support group, guided meditations, a free preview of Jeff's new book, and lots of extra bonus material from Jeff. 

Registration is now open! You can find out more and sign up here:

Jeff says:
"This is the first time in 10+ years of teaching that I've been able to offer an online group experience and I would love for you to consider joining me for 7 weeks of rest, presence, guided meditation, loving support, rich and deep exploration of self-acceptance... and a deep dive into the non-dual mystery of Now! I wanted to create a place of refuge, rest and safety, wherever you are in the world..."

Further, in autumn Jeff is expected to return for a retreat in The Netherlands or Belgium. If you’re interested, please keep an eye on future updates of his website meeting calendar.


Interview door Patrick Kicken

“Enlightenment is not an escape from pain, sadness, boredom, anger.
It’s always there, right in the midst of all these experiences.”
- Jeff Foster


Alle boeken en CD’s van Jeff Foster worden verkocht op de bijeenkomsten, maar kunnen op elk moment besteld worden door een e-mail te sturen naar: menno@freeflowcoaching.nl

Bezoek de boekenpagina van Jeff’s website voor inhoud of recensies: boeken info.

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